Helping you ascend to new heights

Community is an integral part to a Web3 project. Adding custom discord bots to your server can help increase community engagmement and retention. I'm a professional web developer and software engineer with 10 years of industry experience, I can help you elevate your project to the next level with custom discord bots that help keep your community engaged.

Discord Bot Demo

Wow this chat needs a little extra something.
I want to show off this projects amazing art.
Try typing !val random to get a random picture of our amazing PFP's


NFT Art Bots

First seen in Azuki's Garden, this bot will return a specific token's image as a response to a custom command. It will also return a random token, great for spcing things up in the chat!

Custom Web Development

Need help spinning up a DAPP or company website? I can help bring your project to life using modern tools that will make your product stand out above the rest.


Give your users a variety of gifs and images to embark on the holiest of ceremonies in the Web3 community. These can be customizable from your own community's art and memes